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Attractions Guide.

Introduction to Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a coastal city in southern China, which is located in the south of Guangdong Province, on the east bank of the Pearl River Estuary, adjacent to Hong Kong, China (only a 30-minute high-speed rail trip from Hong Kong, China). It has a subtropical monsoon climate, warm and pleasant, and abundant precipitation. Shenzhen was established in March 1979, and Shenzhen Special Economic Zone was established in August 1980. As a young city, Shenzhen has attracted innovative, entrepreneurial and creative talents from all over the world and all over the country to work and live here. Over the past 40 years, Shenzhen has developed from a small border town to a modern and international metropolis, creating a miracle in the history of world development.
There are many world famous sceneries in Shenzhen, including Splendid China, Mineral Museum, China Folk Culture Village, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and many others. We hope you enjoy the stay in Shenzhen, a beautiful city.

shenZhen Window of the World :

ShenZhen Window of the World, located in the beautiful Overseas Chinese Town by the Shenzhen Bay, covers an area of 480,000 square meters. It is a large-scale culture jointly invested and constructed by China Tourism Group Co., Ltd. (51% of shares) and Overseas Chinese Town Group Co., Ltd. (49% of shares) The tourist attractions are divided into eight areas: World Plaza, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, Americas, World Sculpture Garden and International Street, including more than 130 world-famous scenic spots, more than ten entertainment participating projects, and magnificent Large-scale square art evenings, colorful scenic spots and exotic performances and colorful theme cultural festivals "create a wonderful and joyous world for Chinese and foreign tourists."

MSU-BIT University campus scenery and guide tour:

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